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How I learned to bare my soul, without selling my body


If you were able to catch my latest interview, you may have learned that a number of years ago I abandoned an international modeling career to begin healing my eating disorder and other addictions by traveling through India and joining a 12-step program.

I used to profit by perpetuating an impossible, arbitrary beauty standard. I didn’t even realize how directly I was contributing to the suffering of, not only American women, but women from the countries I worked in as well… in their ads, runway shows, commercials and catalogs.

It took me a long time to realize that I was starving for connection to my spirit, through my obsession with how I looked and how I appeared to others. 


I was empty and I had nothing to grasp onto. This lasted for years. And even though I had working knowledge of yoga, meditation, nutrition and healing, I was still stuck in obsessive thoughts and harmful behaviors.

I used to bare my soul by selling my body. This left me sick, disconnected and depleted. Now, I bare my soul by being vulnerable and sharing the practices and rituals that saved my life.

I went from numbing confusion to centered strength when I realized that I am a vessel, and that every bite, every breath, every thought and movement is a gift… A most precious gift that I vow to meet fully in each moment, a gift to myself in service of others.

My gift to you is $50 off lodging at the VESSEL Retreat through May 15th: a 4 day rustic retreat highlighting devotional art, yoga, meditation and herbalism.

Here’s what you would be inviting in by baring your soul and saying YES to rest, rejuvenation, and a reverent day of silence:

: 4 nights lodging with bedding

:: Organic, local, herbal-infused meals with vegetarian/vegan/gluten free options prepared by The Great Kosmic Kitchen

:: Candelit dinners served with ceremony

:: Desserts, snacks and flowing tea

:: Guided meditations, breathwork, yoga nidra, devotional art, shamanic journeys, a past life regression and beautiful ceremonies

:: Yoga everyday with Meredith Rom, vinyasa, kundalini and restorative

:: 1 Herbal Rituals workshop with The Great Kosmic Kitchen

:: An evening fire song circle with songstress Mackenzie Myers

:: Hiking access to 240+ acres of land owned by Oz Farm

:: Swimming in the Garcia river

:: Art supplies + instruction for all levels

:: Cedar hot tub access

:: And all the love you can bring home with you <3

Will you join us? There is still space for both men and women of all shapes and sizes!

Learn more and apply here!

With soul-bearing love,


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