Heal your wounds. Awaken your gifts. Guide your spirit home.




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Karen is a healer’s healer. Every session is deep and interwoven. She has helped me through several initiations with grace, ease and so much compassion. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Karen.
— -Sara Jacobsen, Fertility Healer, Womb To Heart Fertility Support, wombtoheartfertility.com

I'm here for you. I see you. I'm listening.  

My name is Karen. 


  I hold one-on-one healing sessions, retreats and ceremonies through meditative, somatic and heart-centered guidance from a multifaith perspective.

 I believe that your birthright is grace, ease, balance and joy in your relationship to your selfI can help you find purposeful action in your service to the world.

I believe healing is in the here and now, and in such distracting and confusing times, we all need guidance to access and integrate it. 


Karen leads the way to becoming more connected in this life
— Fleur Heaton, Naturopath, Group coaching participant, New Zealand
It has been the greatest investment I’ve made in myself to clear the things blocking me in my life.
— Sydney Francis, Private Client, Healdsburg
She truly is the closest thing I can think of to an angel.
— Cris Echugaren, Private client, Portland, OR

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