If you've been feeling a little heavy...



It's the peak of fall and the time for letting go and harvesting is here. So I want to talk about harvesting the wisdom within. 

At any given moment, there is a portal to potent information laying dormant in the body. 

I like to call the moment of extraction or realization a 'direct revelation'. A great revealing. 

Yes, like the direct revelations from biblical times. Yes, there is scripture written in your body too. 

Direct revelations are the fruits of knowledge that come through embodied experience. 

The treasures and jewels that come after the trauma, the tragedy, and the trials of life. The pieces of wisdom that make it all worth it. The knowledge that usually points to what you are meant to be doing in this life, and how to do it. 

If you have been through a lot, and you haven't found the treasure, I can guarantee two things - 1) You probably feel heavy. 2) There's more digging to do.

And these things do take time, rest and love. 
You probably have at least one practice that always leads you to the golden nugget. (Hint… it’s probably the one that you have the most resistance to.)
So what is it?
If you know what your access point is, perfect. This is my nudge to get to it because I know it gets heavy carrying all those jewels around. If you don't yet know, sounds like it's time to experiment with your body.... 

Over the next week, try something you know works for you. Or try something new! I guarantee you’ll get a taste of these ‘direct revelations’ you are undoubtedly holding onto.  
Please do write back and share what you dug up <3
Big love,

Spirit vs fear..... Take a few breaths with this one


Want to know how to create anything you want?

Do anything you want?

Be anything you want? 

Listen carefully: Stop identifying with what is coming through you. It's not 'you', so there's nothing to be afraid of. You are the vessel.

You are the holy instrument for your spirit to play. 

Here are 4 steps we can use to check ourselves when we can see that we're holding back:

Step 1) Forgive yourself.... Shame is not actually useful to you in this moment. Let it teach you how to move forward but don't let it hold you back.

Step 2) Humble yourself... you're not perfect and you never will be so you can let that whole thing go. 

Step 3) Acknowledge your fear.... you are God in human skin and of course that's overwhelming and you want to hide from the mightiness

Step 4) Exalt yourself.... Love and accept the fact that you are divinity. Think of the thing you love more than anything in the world. You can only love it and recognize it as perfect love because you are also that love. 

Yes, you are both perfect and imperfect. Yes, there are multiple truths and life is confusing. Yes, your ego and your spirit know how to work together. Yes, you are nothing and everything at the same time. 

It's overwhelming I know.... But if you want more..... there's more..... 

Join me for my next virtual gathering:


I’ll share my own stories and insights around leadership, fear and the spirit’s plight to serve others. You do not have to have a business to benefit from this space I'm creating! 

I’ll be giving away my final copy of THE SACRED PLATE and will leave lots of time for questions and connections too!

Sign up here to drop in with me live! 

Can't wait to see you there <3

With a dove from my heart,

Every woman in born Exalted


Happy New Year!

The days are getting longer and after moving through the darkest nights of the year I find myself longing for more connection with women.

I spent my holidays on a 10-day silent retreat, where I had the opportunity to meditate for over 100 hours. While the silence was everything I needed, I truly loved coming back to my work with my mentoring clients, the women in my WAVES program, and my retreat planning! (I have so much in store for this year that I can't wait to share with you!)

The vipassana retreat showed me just how important meditation is, but also stepping out of our normal routines by 'getting away to go within'. 

When we step into a structured container, and a little bit out of our comfort zone, pure magic can happen...



Not to mention tears, waves of  bliss, and the feeling that you've lifted years of emotion off your chest.  This magic that I'm talking about is why my incredible friend Janel and I created the 'EXALT' retreat for women


'EXALT: Reclaiming Valentine's Day' is a one day self-care retreat for those who identify as women in a private home in the redwoods of West Sonoma County, CA

Here is a note I shared with my instagram community when it was all said and done: 

"Yesterday I spent Valentine's Day co-creating a container for 18 women dedicated to re-examining gender roles and dropping into exaltation. For some it came through the tenderness of tears and others a fierce reclaiming of the feminine. May we all walk with the awareness that we are already exalted, that despite strong messages from outside, there is nothing we need to do to become everything we ever wanted to be."

Last year's EXALT retreat left me in awe of the power of women coming together, not to mention massages, a beautiful angel playing the harp, and herbal yoni steams!

Learn more about what we have planned for you this year, and reserve your space before it fills up!

A thousand doves from my heart to yours,

The one thing I needed to hear to move past fear

Happy Winter Solstice!

I just spent a few hours sitting by a fire, releasing everything that does not want to join me in 2017. It was so beautiful, and I do hope you find a moment, even just with your breath, to honor this sacred time. The light is dimming and the days are shorter, reminding us of the cyclical nature of all things and the necessity of letting go. 



Looking back on 2016, I see how much I accomplished. 

I also look back on the amount of fear that I pushed through.

I completed graduate school, lead my first 4 night retreat, launched a more authentic version of my business and even started helping others do the same in my 'Pilgrimage program'! 

I always get the question, how did you build this life for yourself? How did you start your own business, lead these retreats, and become a self-sustaining entrepreneur? 

The answer is this mantra....

The healing you can bring others is bigger than your fear of being seen

This was the one thing I needed to hear to finally start the private mentoring practice I was meant to start. The one where I am 100% myself, on my schedule, with no boss. The one where I'm employed by my spirit.

I realized my fear came from all directions. Do any of these feel familiar to you?

-The fear of failure
-The fear of being judged or criticized
-The fear of not being good enough
-The fear of not being ready
-The fear of succeeding
-The fear of surpassing your friends or family members in happiness or success
-The fear of what x, y, and z people in your past life and your family will think about you if you start talking about what's truly in your heart?
-The fear of the unknown

Please listen. 

There is no healing for anyone... you or the people who need your specific light, without vulnerability.  

Even if you don't have a business, this goes for your light in your family, relationships and community.

So yes... that fear you feel is real. But the results people walk away with when you're ready to show up for them are hyper-real. 

And right now we need hyper-real.

So, if you are wanting 2017 to be different... If you know your healing light is ready to be known... if you're ready to lay the groundwork for the pilgrimage to self-sustaining entrepreneurship, enter into your body temple, or remember how it feels to be a vessel for your spirit, reply now now to set up a free call <3

A thousand doves from my heart to yours,

Touch divinity, change your life - A simple formula

Happy December!

I know that sometimes you wake up feeling overwhelmed, lost and doubtful. And I do too. But it's the choices we make in the morning that set us up for a different kind of day.

Rather than floundering, doubting, judging and being torn apart by my own thoughts, I choose to touch something deathless, something sacred. 

After just 30 minutes or so of meditation I am instead floating and abiding in Spirit.

After devotedly sitting at the feet of my own divinity, I rise feeling clear in my business, relationships and at ease with the state of things. I remember that I am fully resourced to act on what wants to come through - anywhere from changing my diet to ending relationships to taking leaps in the direction of my dreams and birthing new paradigms.

From here is where I become intimate with the voice of my heart. From here is where my business is born.

It's a place of pure magic and I honestly wouldn't believe someone years ago if they were to tell me what my life would look like today.

And if someone would have told me that the combination of just 30 minutes a day of meditation + loving, supportive guidance was the golden key, I wonder how much longer I would have waited.

If you are ready for something hauntingly beautiful this coming year, and you are ready to do the 'work', I have a few openings for early 2017 available in my mentoring, healing and business coaching programs: TEMPLE, VESSEL + PILGRIMAGE,  under my 'offerings' page!

If you're reading this and ready to say yes, I'm already praying for you. 

Reply to this love letter and let's set up a free call <3

With warm hugs as we step into winter,