This is the end of female jealousy

I'm writing today to admit something to you.

A few years ago I went to an event on a full moon that had a rotation of teachers and guides. A young woman was sharing her story of how prayer healed her relationship to her body.

Her talk was beautiful and inspiring, but for some reason I felt like I was on fire in my seat. I found myself looking for every possible criticism of her that I could find.

I held onto an uncomfortable tension regarding this event for months, until I saw this quote: 

“Unharm someone by telling the truth you could not face when you struck instead of tended” – Nayyirah Waheed

And then I understood- I was jealous and afraid.So jealous and so afraid. 

She was doing exactly what I wanted to do but didn’t have the courage for, and there was this awful feeling that she was going to get eaten alive by the crowd.

I felt ashamed and sad that I had let such a beautiful talk from a beautiful woman eat me alive for so long. (She seemed totally fine, by the way)

I’ve come to realize that the stings of jealousy and comparison between women seem to be in the water. It’s like we’ve been drinking this virus since birth. And I believe that we have.

I believe that this consciousness to suppress women’s voices (enter thyroid epidemic), comes from both men and women, because honestly we’ve probably all been a woman in past life or a man who watched a woman suffer for standing in her power. This is about all of us. Divine feminine. Divine masculine. Everyone on the same team.

So when we see a powerful woman, some kind of fire begins to burn inside of us.


Either the fire of ‘Why can’t I do that’, or the fire of “Don’t do that! Your’e going to get hurt (burned, stoned, etc).

It’s time for a new wave of consciousness, and it starts between women, because we certainly can’t undo centuries of re-calibrating all the waters of the world in just a day, and we need all the help we can get!

Instead of jealousy, comparison and protective voices that creep in from eons ago, lets begin with invoking these words from Erica Jago + Mari Sierra’s La Mar Retreat: 

When seeing other women as a threat, we are prompted to ask: “What can I do spiritually to soften that wound and say, I see you and your power to transform the world”

Let us remember this prayer: Woman of light,vessel of truth, I thank you. You reflect my own power, safety and sovereignty.  I am you. We are one wave. 

This prayer can be said for the divine feminine in all beings, because the feminine is the vessel. Gather with me to share, meditate and pray for the waters of the world, and to learn about my journey of becoming a vessel in my next webinar!  


In order to de-stress the masses from the debates, the webinar is rescheduled for this Wednesday at 7p PST. Sign up here to receive the call in instructions! I'll be giving away a free color copy of the VESSEL Retreat guidebook to one woman on the call, and sharing a really special announcement and gift with everyone present

Hope to see you there!

With love and reflections of your own light,