This is all of me


I know that you might feel like you can't handle any more of anything right now. 

After whatever you've been through personally this year, through this election, everything. But please, stay with me. 

On Wednesday morning my alarm went off before sunrise, as I've been experimenting with very early meditations the past several weeks. I lay awake for awhile feeling my body and the overwhelming energies within me since the election news. 

I was struggling with the decision of whether or not to get up for my morning practice. 

The truth is that I don't always make it to the meditation cushion and my altar space, or even out of bed. Every morning is different. And it's all okay.

Laying in bed, I heard a little voice inside of me say: "You need to get up and do your practice." 

I began to contract and even shut down a little. I felt a familiar internal pressure.
Then, I stopped and noticed what was going on. It was that part of me that pops up when I'm feeling afraid, insecure, or fearful. Like I have something that needs protection. It's the one who believes she's separate. And she's probably about 16 in my consciousness.

Collectively.... She is Donald Trump. 

Fear. Insecurity. Separation. One half of my duality in this divine play. Literally projected on the screen for me to see her in her fullness, rather than as a jeering, cold voice inside my head.

I took a few deep breaths and welcomed another part of me to come take the driver seat. It only took a moment after calling upon her for me to soften and align with her vast love. 

This one..... She's ancient.  

She's awake. 



And she lives right within me. 

And she's not afraid to say it. 

She is God.

She said to the other voice, in the softest tone, in a thousand different tongues, "No, beloved, you want to do your practice." 

She said this, or rather I said this to myself, because I choose devotion over discipline. Devotion being wild, boundless desire - the feminine. Discipline being control- the masculine. The patriarchy.

I'm here to tell you that the patriarchy cannot ever capture your desire. This is because it is the creative force of all of existence, the most powerful force imaginable. It is imagination itself. It is the constant lapping of the ocean on the shores of time. And you cannot control these waves.

As a woman, your desire and this internal voice are your greatest treasures. The only 'weapons' you will ever need. 

Beloved, whatever you desire, can be yours because all of creation lives within you. 

You want to command miracles? So it shall be.

You desire peace on earth? So it shall be. 

You desire the awakening of all hearts? So it shall be. 

I am speaking directly to the feminine principle within you. You are here at this time on the planet to MAKE WAVES. To combine your devotion with your desire. To start with yourself and then radiate outward.  To self-initiate. To rise with these tides.

And I'm calling you in because I cannot do this alone.

Now more than ever, the world needs you fully embodied because you are the vessel for new earth. 

I am calling together a web of angels (and remember, angels are also warriors) across the globe to anchor this reality NOW. To repeat the prayer that we listen only to the golden voice of truth within. That we remember her, and sit at her feet and anoint her each and every morning as if our life depended on it, because I'm starting to understand that it really, truly does. 

The applications for WAVES are rolling in and I have been brought to my knees reading them. If you are needing a space and an anchor for your personal practices in these turbulent times,  WAVES: Women as Vessels is available to all. If you have felt called but aren't sure that it's possible for you financially or otherwise, please do not hesitate to reach out by responding to this email. 

Remember... All you need is your devotion and your desire. 

Enrollment is closing Monday, 11/14!
10% of proceeds go towards Standing Rock

In love,