A dream for the feminine



I am writing to touch the place inside that is feeling the collective darkness. I know that 2016 has been hard. So so hard. Even so, I believe you're being asked to ride this wave through the new year with presence, prayer and the power of your voice unleashed. 

I want to share a powerful dream I had the other night, and invite you to begin visioning for 2017.

I dreamt that I was in a building with dozens of women, young and old. Out of nowhere, an earthquake began. Everything began shaking so violently that terror filled the room. The awareness of imminent death flooded the minds of every woman present. 

Watching the chaos unfold, and with no time to think, I raised my arms and began a vocal and fervent prayer to the mother and father, creator and creatrix of all life. The holiest of holies. The lord and the lady. 

People around me laughed at the invocations I chose, but while the shaking continued everywhere else, the building became wrapped in light and stability washed over our space. 

Once our safety was ensured I received no accolades, no thanks, but was left with the lesson of the power of my own prayer and the potency of my own voice.

This left me asking, where can we each speak up more? Will we wait until death is upon us? Will we wait until we have no choice? Will we let others stop us or will we let our medicine be seen and known?

Will we do what is being asked of us… Humble ourselves to the mighty power of what lies lurking behind the mask of the personality? The fears of rejection and ridicule? 

Wherever you are, I am begging you to say yes.

Today, may you know the power of every breath, word, action and thought. May you know that you are a co-creator of reality with the mother and father of all life. That you are that powerful. And that your greatest power is prayer.

Aho. Ashe. Amen. 

A thousand doves from my heart to yours,