Touch divinity, change your life - A simple formula

Happy December!

I know that sometimes you wake up feeling overwhelmed, lost and doubtful. And I do too. But it's the choices we make in the morning that set us up for a different kind of day.

Rather than floundering, doubting, judging and being torn apart by my own thoughts, I choose to touch something deathless, something sacred. 

After just 30 minutes or so of meditation I am instead floating and abiding in Spirit.

After devotedly sitting at the feet of my own divinity, I rise feeling clear in my business, relationships and at ease with the state of things. I remember that I am fully resourced to act on what wants to come through - anywhere from changing my diet to ending relationships to taking leaps in the direction of my dreams and birthing new paradigms.

From here is where I become intimate with the voice of my heart. From here is where my business is born.

It's a place of pure magic and I honestly wouldn't believe someone years ago if they were to tell me what my life would look like today.

And if someone would have told me that the combination of just 30 minutes a day of meditation + loving, supportive guidance was the golden key, I wonder how much longer I would have waited.

If you are ready for something hauntingly beautiful this coming year, and you are ready to do the 'work', I have a few openings for early 2017 available in my mentoring, healing and business coaching programs: TEMPLE, VESSEL + PILGRIMAGE,  under my 'offerings' page!

If you're reading this and ready to say yes, I'm already praying for you. 

Reply to this love letter and let's set up a free call <3

With warm hugs as we step into winter,