The one thing I needed to hear to move past fear

Happy Winter Solstice!

I just spent a few hours sitting by a fire, releasing everything that does not want to join me in 2017. It was so beautiful, and I do hope you find a moment, even just with your breath, to honor this sacred time. The light is dimming and the days are shorter, reminding us of the cyclical nature of all things and the necessity of letting go. 



Looking back on 2016, I see how much I accomplished. 

I also look back on the amount of fear that I pushed through.

I completed graduate school, lead my first 4 night retreat, launched a more authentic version of my business and even started helping others do the same in my 'Pilgrimage program'! 

I always get the question, how did you build this life for yourself? How did you start your own business, lead these retreats, and become a self-sustaining entrepreneur? 

The answer is this mantra....

The healing you can bring others is bigger than your fear of being seen

This was the one thing I needed to hear to finally start the private mentoring practice I was meant to start. The one where I am 100% myself, on my schedule, with no boss. The one where I'm employed by my spirit.

I realized my fear came from all directions. Do any of these feel familiar to you?

-The fear of failure
-The fear of being judged or criticized
-The fear of not being good enough
-The fear of not being ready
-The fear of succeeding
-The fear of surpassing your friends or family members in happiness or success
-The fear of what x, y, and z people in your past life and your family will think about you if you start talking about what's truly in your heart?
-The fear of the unknown

Please listen. 

There is no healing for anyone... you or the people who need your specific light, without vulnerability.  

Even if you don't have a business, this goes for your light in your family, relationships and community.

So yes... that fear you feel is real. But the results people walk away with when you're ready to show up for them are hyper-real. 

And right now we need hyper-real.

So, if you are wanting 2017 to be different... If you know your healing light is ready to be known... if you're ready to lay the groundwork for the pilgrimage to self-sustaining entrepreneurship, enter into your body temple, or remember how it feels to be a vessel for your spirit, reply now now to set up a free call <3

A thousand doves from my heart to yours,