If you've been feeling a little heavy...



It's the peak of fall and the time for letting go and harvesting is here. So I want to talk about harvesting the wisdom within. 

At any given moment, there is a portal to potent information laying dormant in the body. 

I like to call the moment of extraction or realization a 'direct revelation'. A great revealing. 

Yes, like the direct revelations from biblical times. Yes, there is scripture written in your body too. 

Direct revelations are the fruits of knowledge that come through embodied experience. 

The treasures and jewels that come after the trauma, the tragedy, and the trials of life. The pieces of wisdom that make it all worth it. The knowledge that usually points to what you are meant to be doing in this life, and how to do it. 

If you have been through a lot, and you haven't found the treasure, I can guarantee two things - 1) You probably feel heavy. 2) There's more digging to do.

And these things do take time, rest and love. 
You probably have at least one practice that always leads you to the golden nugget. (Hint… it’s probably the one that you have the most resistance to.)
So what is it?
If you know what your access point is, perfect. This is my nudge to get to it because I know it gets heavy carrying all those jewels around. If you don't yet know, sounds like it's time to experiment with your body.... 

Over the next week, try something you know works for you. Or try something new! I guarantee you’ll get a taste of these ‘direct revelations’ you are undoubtedly holding onto.  
Please do write back and share what you dug up <3
Big love,