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I wanted to know — Have you met women over the years who embody qualities you want to integrate and welcome as your own? I want to share about 3 who have really touched me on my personal path of leadership, love, and liberation. 


Brahmacharya Rema Devi

When I first met Ammaji, I began weeping before she even walked into the meditation hall. When this beautiful hugging saint took her seat, I was overcome with her love, but I never could have expected what came next. One of her attendants, a tall elder woman dressed in white with long gray hair, was gently helping pilgrim after pilgrim up to hug Amma. She stood there like an actual angel with towering wings, and the most graceful stature. I cried even harder. She was so beautiful. Her presence was so powerful in her extreme softness. I watched her flow around the space after her service ended, and later saw that she was a pujarini —in service to ritual channeling of cosmic energy. Pure devotion.

I still think about her all the time, and when I lose sight of what I’m really here to do, I Remember Her. 


Annaleise Muraya

On a silent retreat there was a woman about my age robed in black as a Zen Buddhist nun. I’d never met anyone so still. Every movement was so precise. So meditative. So serene. She took 10 times longer to place her cup of tea on the table than I, and I would just watch her meditate during the many sitting periods, hoping to absorb her skillful means by some sort of magical osmosis.  It didn’t work, but she did leave a lasting impression on me. 

When I find myself rushing through my daily tasks, I Remember Her. 


Swami Kamalananda

Swami Kamalananda yelled at me the very moment I met her, but over time we became friends and I got to ask her all my questions about how she became a nun. She was somewhat terrifying, but with very kind, gentle eyes and stories of her travels through India that would make you cry — Like the time she snuck into Mother Theresa’s private space to receive her blessing in Calcutta. Kamalananda told me that she asked her Guru whether she could ‘go to God alone.’ Her Guru replied, “Follow the ones you seek to become”. She eventually received initiation as a Swami, which means ‘I am one with God’. I often stay up late, washing dishes with her at the ashram nearby, or following in her footsteps just to watch her every move… trying to understand her passion for her path and the fiery energy that moves her. 

When I feel lethargic or uninspired, I Remember Her.

Who are the women in your life, that you’ve met — in person —  who carry the qualities of awakening, leadership, and love you want to embody? I invite you to choose 3 words, or 3 women, and reflect on these aspects ‘becoming’ you, as you write. 

In what ways do they move you? 

How does this remembrance change your day-to-day life moving forward? 

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