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A 3-Day and 2-Night Devotional Immersion

June 28 - June 30, 2019

Opening Friday 3p | Closing Sunday 6p

Luminary Farm o Pleasanton, CA o East Bay Area

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You, Beloved, are invited to an initiatory gateway

of practice, prayer and purpose

through the re-awakening of Magdalene

and the Rose lineage within you.

Join us to experience, embody and EXALT

in an intimate and nourishing weekend of re-union of womxn

dedicated to remembrance.

Can you hear the clarion call?



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“You cannot find Mary Magdalene in a book.

You can only find her in your body.”


Explore the Themes of Remembrance Through:

+ Welcoming + receiving more of yourself

+ Experiencing Magdalene in the body through curated practices

+ Reclaiming the Womb as your Sacred Temple and Oracle

+ Healing the wounds of the Masculine and Feminine within you

+ Cultivating your unique inner wisdom and awakening dormant codes

+ Aligning your actions with your Divine Soul Purpose

+ Expanding your capacity to meet challenge and embody living as love

+ Coming together in deep sisterhood and ritual

+ Re-entering the Sisterhood/Order of the Rose

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We Bow to the Beloved Within You


You cannot lift a finger without her love pouring through you, as you. This is a remembrance that cannot be taught, but received through a deep relationship with oneself.

Our intentions are to create a space that allows for the natural communion to re-awaken within you with grace and ease.

Thank you for trusting us to hold you, witness you, and remember alongside you. Thank you for the honor of receiving your gaze on this page. You are surely here for a reason.

We hope to gather with you soon, should you feel a full-body yes when responding to this clarion call. Until we meet (again), we share our blessings of fierce love!

—Luna Grace & Karen Serafina

Seeding the Sisterhood of the Rose

Tending the Garden of the Future, TOGETHER

Our intention is to offer ongoing immersions, retreats and sacred site pilgrimages around the world as a part of the Order of the Rose — a lineage of love that has never left you.

We are creating and nourishing a web of support to activate a grid of remembrance that runs deep, but also wide, as more and more hearts awaken to the truth of who we are.

We all need pillars of support as the planet transforms. We cannot do this alone.

As this sisterhood takes root, grows, and flourishes, the medicine of the rose unfurls in the spaces we inhabit. Within our bodies. Our families. Communities. And into the Collective.

Sister, your High Heart are deeply needed as we tend this garden together.

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Give Yourself the Gift of


DAY 1 Opening

DAY 2 Remembering

DAY 3 Becoming

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Reclaim the Rites of the Rose

Awaken Soul Purpose and

Power In Sisterhood

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This Immersion is for you

if you want to:

+ Deepen in the Feminine mysteries of Magdalene, Isis, Christ & Sophia

+ Integrate a deeper devotion to all of you

+ Answer the calling to serve others through your sacred gifts

+ Release shame around sensuality and sexuality

+ Nourish your inner communion through safe, sacred sisterhood

+ Heal your history with organized religion

+ Release unconscious vows and collective patterns to create more space for love

+ Bless and anoint yourself in intimate initiation rituals

+ Restore your birthright and be witnessed and activated as a vessel for Magdalene to live through

Our Temple Space

Luminary Farm

Enjoy spacious and luxurious shared rooms with your sisters of the rose

Address | 3100 Finley Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588


Praise from Past Participants

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"I left renewed in my hope for humanity and extra clear on my calling as an embodied leader in this present darkness. EXALT is truly a glimpse into the transformation that can happen when womxn and femmes gather together for liberation." 

—Kelly Germaine Strickland

“This was one of the most transformational and activating experiences of my entire life.  The evening rituals were profound for me, especially the closing ritual. I felt big breakthroughs during breathwork, song, and wombwork. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding and inspiring.” 

—Aiyana Sage

“Please gift yourself this experience of reclamation of a lifetime -- there is so much potency here in the combination of Karen and Luna's magic, that allows for a facilitation of true devotion and feminine power to anchor in tangible, inexplicable ways that words do not do justice for.” 

—Christina Louise Korpik

“Something very potent shifted in me through the practices, power of the circle, and my inner communion: an opportunity to know myself as Magdalene and embody a taste of her unending love, strength and devotion. I walked away with a heart full of brimming gratitude and a renewed strength that has rippled into my life in countless ways.”

—Rosalie Amber Grace

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As two White, cisgendered, queer women, we acknowledge that EXALT is offered through our lenses of identity and the privileges that we hold. We acknowledge that oppression is a reality. We have a commitment to liberate, celebrate and center the voices and experiences of Womxn of Color and non-binary peoples in this space. We agree to remain radically open to feedback and learning ever more about our responsibility to create safety and inclusivity for all. If you have any concern or questions about this, we do hope you will reach out and share!

Your Guides

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Luna is a Woman of Devotion, Soul Midwife, Transformational Leadership + Alignment Mentor and host of the podcast, Radical Remembrance. She assists today’s leading changemakers in sharing their full presence and gifts while achieving clear vision and aligned action in their Divinely guided purpose. Luna provides supportive, life-promoting experiences, practical tools and spiritual wisdom. She is devoted to social justice advocacy through council work and the dissolution of separation internally and externally. Most of all she is here to walk a path of beauty and grace.

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Karen is a transformational guide, womxn’s witness and mentor. A devotee of The Feminine Christ. She integrates the paths of embodied Gnosis and heart-centered, somatic meditation into her many offerings. Trained as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with emphasis on social justice, mindfulness and trauma healing, she is forever a student at heart. She supports people to treat their bodies as temples, become living vessels and walk on the pilgrimage of life lighter and more joyful than ever. She believes that through surrendering our will to the divine there is hope for all of us in the Great surrendering and that no one should ever have to do it alone.


three monthly

payments of $381


pay in full for $1144

Please complete your registration by filling out the intention setting form HERE

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If traveling, please fly into SFO or OAK

If you are not driving, we recommend

that you BART to Pleasanton and then use Uber

Our last immersion sold out!

Reserve your space soon!

Questions? Contact us!




You begin, end and belong in Beauty.


Luna & Karen