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Feminine Yoga, Sexual Embodiment and Creative Leadership

with Nina Lombardo and Karen Prosen

Sunday, May 27th, 2018 in Gainesville, Florida


Soften, Allow and Remember



Practice movement, sound, meditation + ritual in a safe and loving container

Explore the River of Love between the throat, heart and cervix

Release fear and bless your body as the Vessel for Spirit to flow through



9:30 - 10a Arrival and Settling In

10 - 1:30p Opening and Session 1

1:30 - 3p Lunch break

3 - 5:30p Session 2

5:30 - 6p Closing circle

Why gather + what are we remembering?


This day long immersion is designed to invoke the healing wisdom of your body as a generator and expression of a love that has never left you. Feminine Yoga is a practice of embodying this knowing. Nina and Karen will weave guidance, discussion, individual and partner exercises from their own studies and explorations. Through sound, movement and meditation, we will focus on the somatic centers of 


Exploring sound, voice, boundaries and personal truth


Clearing emotional blocks and opening to liberated, embodied love 


Opening the wisdom of the womb and the innate creative potential  


This immersion is for you if you want to... 

  • Step into your radiant fullness in love, life and leadership
  • Dive into your inner landscapes to move from the wholeness of who you are
  • Celebrate your radiant aliveness with unapologetic self expression
  • Explore devotion as a feminine spiritual path
  • Connect your erotic + sensual nature to how you show up in daily life
  • Experience your body as a portal to liberation 
  • Embrace every moment as an opportunity to love
  • Tap into your potential and responsibility to thrive in a changing world

What to bring

Comfortable clothes for movement + meditation

A journal for taking notes + opportunities to reflect

Tea mug

An open mind

Flowers or altar items for our centerpiece

Your Facilitators

Nina Lombardo, LMT

Karen Prosen, MA, CHT

Karen Prosen is a transformational guide, womxn’s mentor and devotee of The Divine Feminine. She integrates the paths of embodied Gnosis and heart-centered, somatic meditation into her work with groups and individuals, in person and online. Trained as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist and Advanced Hypnotherapist emphasizing deep, inner journeys and sharing one’s gifts, she is forever a student at heart. She supports people to treat their bodies as temples, become living vessels and walk on the pilgrimage of life lighter and more joyful than ever.

Nina's work is inspired by her ever-deepening explorations within the field of intimacy, weaving together her background in bodywork, yoga, sacred sexuality, and expressive arts into learning environments designed to liberate and nurture profound states of embodied clarity. As a devoted musician, massage therapist, and somatic educator, Nina's passion lies in exploring the delicate landscape where body meets infinity and in discovering the boundless ways we are able to connect with the pulse of Now through embodied, creative practices. 

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Nina Lombardo