Hi Dear One. I'm so glad you're here.

 At THE risk of going 'too far', the truth is I'd rather be telling you this face to face. HAND IN HANd. HEART TO HEART

Chances are, we're not so different.

I've just crossed over the arc of 30 trips around the sun. And you name it, I've been through it. Trauma. Abuse. Addictions. Eating disorders. Burnout. Homelessness. Giving my soul away for someone/something else over and over again. Should I go on?

For so much of my life I was looking for love, power and divine grace outside of myself. Over the years, I put myself into some scary and humbling situations, that served to teach me first hand about how easy it is to step out of alignment. 

What no one ever really taught me was

how to come home to myself.

What no one taught me was that in 12-step program, the higher power I was praying to was actually within me.

What no one taught me was that the love I had for that abusive partner was actually the same amount I could someday love myself.

What no one taught me was how hard it actually is to put yourself out there to be seen in your must vulnerable creations as an entrepreneur and feminine leader. 

How to say no. 

How to put the river of love between my heart and womb first. To find everything I ever wanted within.

In the years before I learned how to feel my pain and self resource through somatic embodiment and surrendered service, I was 'staying small to stay safe'. This kept me locked in a cycle of suffering and stagnation. 

Over time I finally saw that I'm not hear to please others. I'm here to serve others and I'm here to please my spirit. 

This realization began years of study and healing through silent meditation, multi-faith prayer, plant medicine, devotional service and unlearning the -isms of our society.  It took time, but I eventually broke through by learning to see every thought, action and moment of my life as an opportunity to heal and an opportunity to show up. Radically.

Over time, and with lots of support, I've crafted a life that is deeply connected, more easeful as time goes on, and truly full of joy

The more I get crystal clear on this craft, the more support, joy and prosperity I experience as a result. It never fails.

I believe that when we treat our bodies as temples we can become vessels for something bigger. You are not alone on this pilgrimage of life, love and service. Truthfully, I never want you to feel as alone as I have felt in some parts of my journey.


I am here for you. 

I believe in the return of The Feminine in our communities, economies, bodies, and hearts.

If no one ever told you, you are part of that. You belong. And you are needed, now more than ever. 

I'd love to hear

your story, too

My training

I earned my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sonoma State University with a focus on social justice, trauma resolution and mindfulness in May, 2016. I completed my practicum hours at the Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic, a community mental health clinic specializing in somatics and mindfulness.

I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida graduating summa cum laude in 2010. I also spent a magical year interning in Spiritual Care at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital working with multi-faith professionals. 

I have an advanced certification through the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Marin, CA and have trained with renowned teachers of Christian mysticism, yoga, meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Here are some teachers and leaders that I have been blessed to learn from or whom I greatly admire and give my deepest thanks! 

Shree Maa

Kaia Ra

Insight Yoga Institute

Paititi Institute

The Prison Yoga Project

Sanatan Society

Andy Weber Studios

Irie Yoga

Open Gate Sangha