My story

In 2010, I cut myself loose from an international modeling career and found myself in India.

Arriving in the middle of nowhere, I finally got quiet. 

I was finally faced with my personal history of eating disorders, addictions, abuse and a tendency to stay in toxic relationships of all kinds... and to blame everyone but myself. Not only was I looking for love, power and grace outside of myself, but I was chasing and spreading an illusory beauty standard as well. 

When I returned to the states I got caught in the rat race of office life and academic competition, too afraid to walk the path my spirit wanted of me, out of shame.

Ultimately I was 'staying small to stay safe'. This kept me locked in a cycle of suffering and stagnation. 




I was addicted to criticism, to doing things the hard way and believing that I was a victim. 

I saw that I was making all my choices based on 'shoulds'. The choices that made sense. The choices that I thought would please others. 

Rather than soak in my shame, I chose to transmute it and re-create my life.

I saw that I'm not hear to please others, I'm here to serve others and I'm here to please my spirit. 




This began years of study and healing through silent meditation, multi-faith prayer, plant spirit medicine, devotional service and unlearning the -isms of our society.  It took time, but I eventually broke through by learning to infuse every thought, action and moment of my life with the love of the sacred and a commitment to see it everywhere.

It began with learning to see every moment as an offering to myself and others.

From this place of service, I saw that anything is possible. 



Over time, I went from making $10/hr in grueling jobs, starving my body, denying my spirit, and blaming everyone but myself to crafting a life that is deeply connected, easeful and full of joy

I began to realize that I am sacred, and that no one could ever harm me again. Especially not myself! 

The sacred began to become reflected in my reality. And I can tell you... It's dazzling!  It's more satisfying than any alcohol, drug, dessert, lover or money could ever grant me, and I found it in myself. 

I now feel supported by my local and world community in my spiritual work, and am able to give back in big ways. I have been invited to teach in Bali, Peru, Hawaii, The Netherlands, and New Zealand and I have an international clientele. 

But more important than any accomplishments that come through the healing path, I commune daily with the divine inside and all around me. 

In a recent interview with Rising Women Leaders, I shared that I would go through my eating disorder, my abusive relationship and any suffering or trauma I've experienced all over again to have the relationship I now have with my spirit. 


I now SEEK TO EMBODY this wellspring of spirit, the golden thread of truth, in all that I do. 

From my relationship to my body, to my creative process, my business and everything in this gift of life.

And humbly share it with others. That is why I am here.  

I believe that when we treat our bodies as temples we can become vessels for blissful grace and undying peace. You are not alone on this pilgrimage of life, love and service.

I am here for you.

I believe in healing from the heart. I believe in giving back and living a life of reciprocity and reverence. I believe that we can and will create the kingdom of heaven on earth. It begins with each of us. 


You are the one you've been waiting for, and there is no time to waste!  

My training

I earned my Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Sonoma State University with a focus on social justice, trauma resolution and mindfulness in May, 2016. I completed my practicum hours at the Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic, a community mental health clinic specializing in somatics and mindfulness.

I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida graduating summa cum laude in 2010. I also spent a magical year interning in Spiritual Care at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital working with multi-faith professionals. 

I have an advanced certification through the Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Marin, CA and have trained with renowned teachers of yoga, meditation and Buddhist philosophy. Here are some teachers and leaders that I have been blessed to learn from or whom I greatly admire and give my deepest thanks! 

Kaia Ra

Insight Yoga Institute

Paititi Institute

The Prison Yoga Project

Sanatan Society

Andy Weber Studios

Irie Yoga

Open Gate Sangha