You are a temple

     and the world needs you embodied. 

         SO Let's heal your wounds.

        You are a vessel for spirit to flow through

                   and the world needs your service to the sacred.

                    SO LET'S OPEN THE FLOODGATES.

                 You were born for this pilgrimage

                                 and all you need is to take the first step. 

                                SO Let's begin together.


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Working with me is a devotional journey


You. The wounded healer. 

You. The priestess.

You. The activist.

The artist.

The oracle.

The intuitive.

The witch.

The mother.

The writer.

The leader.

The teacher.

The revolutionary.

The wild woman.

The daughter of the Sun and the Moon.



My purpose is to witness you in your capacity to further come home to yourself. It would be such a great joy to be a part of that journey with you! I trust you completely to know what is best for you. 

Every session and client relationship is so specialized. With some clients, we connect very deeply through talking more in a coaching/counseling style. In others, we focus more on guided journeys into the nervous system and subconscious. The pathway is very unique and customized.

My goal is always to meet you where you are at, and walk with you through your transformation. I will always guide you back to your inner wisdom and the natural unfolding of your healing and your leadership.



Daughters of Devotion small.jpg

You're not alone. 

Whether you're here to reconnect to your body,

or dive in to the entrepreneurial path of purpose and service,

you are here for a reason. 

                 I treat our work together

                      like a return to the womb.

                    I want you to feel whole. Warm. Connected. 

So that you can be the radiant being that you are.

       The miracle of life you were born to be.

              To share your gifts with a world on the edge. 


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What is it like to work with me?

Our sessions are a combination of healing + strategy,


Spend 30 minutes a day at the feet of the divine: Cultivate your meditation and ritual practice alongside me. 

Re-write your stories + take leaps with personalized weekly assignments: Writing prompts + reading suggestions are tailored to your goals. 

Come into right-relationship with food, substances, lovers, money and work: Marry devotion and discipline to change your world!

Explore and act upon your potential with support and accountability: Infuse devotion and grounded action into every self-honoring decision.

Journey deep with me in every session: Together we'll weave somatic inquiry and deep listening. This is where the magic happens! 

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I wish to share how grateful I am for our first session. I am so happy I made the decision to work with you! Your space-holding is masterful, and what I especially appreciate about it and what works for me is the pace - that you really take time, that it is so still and sacred and peaceful, hence deep and impactful. I love how we went into the themes and spent time unveiling some deeper layers. It helped me reveal what I could not see before.
— VP
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Ready to begin?

Choose from 1 session or an entire journey with me

1 (60) min session



Receive much more and save

with a 6 month deep-dive package

12 (75) Min Sessions


for $2999


$555 per month 

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What's included?

  • 2 (90) minute sessions per month via Zoom video or phone

  • Unlimited email and voice note support in between our calls (I hold a candle in my heart for you during the entire journey).

  • Unlimited text accountability

  • All of my free resources, including my VESSEL guidebook

  • Surprise gifts along the way

  • The inner journey of a lifetime!

What my clients are saying

I feel blessed to have you witness and reflect for me as I continue coming home to myself. Practicing radical self-compassion and trust today, and grateful for your guidance in helping me open to more of each.
— Aiyana Sage,
I am forever changed, cracked open in the deepest and most loving way possible. This helped me step forward into the woman I’ve always known I can be. The process is continuous, but I couldn’t have moved forward without Karen. I am going deeper and feeling more connection than ever. She guides you and helps reveal the truths you are seeking, while holding space for you as your experience every emotion necessary on your journey. She is a blessing, an angel!
— Andrea Crites, 35, County of Sonoma CPS
Before working with Karen my business was merely a seedling. She helped me address my fears and move through them with clarity. I felt supported emotionally and practically. I booked my first clients, I’m teaching in my community and it’s just the beginning!”
— Nena Complo,
Working with Karen was truly life-changing and so nourishing. It came at a time when I really needed it. In so many ways it has been a magical inner alchemy experience.
— - Keishua A
Karen is a healer’s healer. Every session with Karen is deep and interwoven with what’s happening in my life right now. Karen has helped me through several initiations with grace, ease and so much compassion. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Karen.
— - Sara Y. Fertility Healer
Boy, have I grown! I recall that I was struggling to connect with myself and leaving myself instead of being with me, I had lost touch with all guidance of self. I am in such a different space now, so connected to just being grounded and in my body, stillness and space and making time to do things for me amidst helping others. Karen leads the way to becoming more connected in this life.
— - Fleur H. Naturopath, New Zealand

It’s one thing

to hear the call.

It’s another thing to

answer it.

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Daughters of Devotion small.jpg

Let’s begin, Beloved.