Awakening the Throat and Womb

Sunday, July 22nd 10A-5:30P

Celebrating the Feast Day of The Apostle of Apostles

Mary Magdalene


Gather in safe, intimate space to explore the potency and power of your embodied expression.

This power is your birthright.

Together we will enter the portals of voice and womb, to awaken our creative expression and primordial power.


This workshop really came at the perfect time for me. I’ve never been to a workshop/women’s circle that had that much depth and purity. I am so grateful for that experience and it is something I want to share with other women as well. <3
— Cara, Asheville PORTALS participant


The womb is a portal into cosmic creation, and into our deepest knowing. It is a potential beyond force, a softness sourced from the depths of love.

Through the throat we express this power of creation and share our most precious, unique essence with the world.

We allow for the awakening that already lies within us and make space for the songs of our being to emerge. The song of the heart. The voice of the womb. Embodied. Free. Untethered and unleashed.

We will weave both subtle and deep practices to open, clear and bless these sacred seats of healing, creation, manifestation and miracle-making.

Methods of Practice





Womb journey of The Divine Mother



Mary Magdalene Transmissions





This retreat day will begin promptly at 10a and the doors will close. Please give yourself plenty of time to settle in by arriving between 9:30 and 9:50a.

10A - Opening Circle

10:45A - Part 1: Opening the Voice and Throat

1P - Potluck Lunch

2:30P - Part 2: Deepening into the Womb

5P - Closing Circle

Items to Bring

Comfortable clothing

Tea mug


Journal + Pen


Any props desired for deep meditation

Flowers and/or something to add to our altar

Your Facilitators

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 6.26.53 PM.png

Karen Prosen is a transformational guide, womxn’s mentor and devotee of The Feminine Christ. She integrates the paths of embodied Gnosis and heart-centered, somatic meditation into her work. Trained as a clinical mental health therapist and advanced hypnotherapist emphasizing deep, inner journeys and sharing one’s gifts, she is forever a student at heart. She supports people to treat their bodies as temples, become living vessels and walk on the pilgrimage of life lighter and more joyful than ever. @karenprosen


Meredith Rom is a yoga teacher, author of Just Be, coach and host of the Rising Women Leaders podcast. She helps women uncover and heal whatever is preventing them from claiming and embodying their unique brilliance. Her mission is to see women shining at their brightest to be a beacon of light to support others to awaken in this world. She creates her podcast and programs in devotion to the rise of the divine feminine. Learn more at www.meredithrom.com and on instagram @meredithrom.


We are also so grateful to welcome the wisdom of Luna Love during our time together. Learn more about Luna here:

 www.lunaloveleadership.com @lunaloveleadership.

This retreat day is for you if you want to... 

  • Step into your radiant fullness in love, life and leadership
  • Connect the potency of the throat and womb, and clear blockages
  • Dive into your inner landscapes to move from the wholeness of who you are
  • Celebrate your radiant aliveness with unapologetic self expression
  • Explore devotion to self and others as a feminine spiritual path
  • Connect with Mary Magdalene within your body, heart, and mind
  • Experience your body as a portal to liberation 
  • Tap into your potential and responsibility to thrive in a changing world


We are full! 

Thank you so much for your interest! 

To learn about future events, please stay connected! 

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Private luxury home in Boulder, CO

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