What clients are saying



"Karen is a healer's healer. Every session with Karen is deep and interwoven with what's happening in my life right now. Karen has helped me through several initiations with grace, ease and so much compassion. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Karen." - Sara Jacobsen, conceivewithjoy.com

"Working with Karen was powerful, transformative and loving. It was actually such a softly transformative experience for me. I felt wildly altered right from the beginning. It wasn't hard hitting or like a slap in the face but a really incredible SOFT and deep change. The depth I now have with my connection to spirit is remarkable. There is also a very sincere willingness to be a vessel for spirit, one that is understood in my body and not just my mind. Very powerful" - Kristen P.

"Karen helped me achieve things I never thought possible. She is so welcoming and easy to talk to. She tailored our sessions to meet all my needs and concerns and was very supportive and non-judgmental. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Karen!" - Charlotte R.

"After working with Karen, things are feeling unbelievably good in my life. I have a new focus and productivity in all the places I felt previously held back. I also am much more patient and centered now. It has been the greatest investment I've made in myself to clear the things blocking me in my life. I especially loved working in the forest when I could have a real attachment to the earth- and maybe that's what helped so much in getting me grounded! I'm grateful that you are so easy to be unguarded with and completely vulnerable to without judgment so I could have this positive experience! Thank you!!! I feel free!" - Sydney F. 

"Karen is a magical being, and her healing presence is matched with a series of proven tools from her university training in therapy and counseling. In sessions she has a skill of holding space that is unique to her.  Karen guides me on my own journey to the center of my greatest challenge, helps me stay measured toward my overall goals, and her consideration and attention, as well as the exercises and experiential journeys she facilitates, have been keys to unlocking an incredible amount of renewal in my life energy and my capacity for honoring and loving myself through all challenges.  She has introduced me to a way of operating that is far beyond what I was capable of on my own, and her insight and action-oriented approach has helped me focus and honor the guidance from within myself. I recommend her to anyone seeking a deeper connection and an experience of lasting and meaningful change in their lives. Thank you!!!" -Michael Z., Filmmaker Musician

"I quickly came to realize that Karen is an exceptional human being with a multitude of gifts. Karen has a gift that she is generously sharing through her practice, her calm, serene yet focused and intelligent approach is just what I needed to turn the corner. I highly recommend Karen as a remarkable, honest, wise and kind human." - Andrew C

"I met with Karen and all I can say is that I had an immediate connection with her.  I opened up to her in no way I had ever done so with anyone I have ever met.  She helped guide me down the initial steps of a long path to recovery and acceptance. And after our experience together I finally got the rest for which I'd been searching for many years. I would recommend her services to anyone.  She truly is the closest thing I can think of to an angel. Thank you so so so much." - Cris E.

"I'm impressed with both Karen's skill and creativity, and how they are two necessary aspects of her profession. And behind it all is her desire to help people. She brings a complex interweaving of abilities to her practice." - Ed M.

"I had such a deeply relaxing and healing experience with Karen. She offers such a compassionate and grounded presence. Karen communicates so clearly and made me feel very safe and held and I was able to relax, feel safe and go deeper inside myself. I am very thankful and would wholeheartedly recommend Karen's work." - Maitri T

"Karen awakens my subconscious and helps me guide myself through inward journeys of surreal and haunting beauty. Karen is an old soul, she made me feel so comfortable right from the start that I had no problem completely letting go and giving myself to her trust. I can't speak more highly of her and the work she does. You owe it to yourself to have at least one session." - David B

"Upon meeting Karen I was instantly impressed with her level of skill, her compassionate nature and ability to connect. I felt completely comfortable with her and found her approach to be gentle and reassuring. I felt a subtle but powerful change in my thinking that followed me into all aspects of my life. As a health practitioner, I now regularly recommend Karen Prosen to my own clients.I think she is truly gifted and has a wisdom well beyond her years that is rarely seen in the integrative health field. I find her work to be transformational in nature and I think she is an amazing asset to this community!" - Trina P

"From the very first time we spoke on the phone, I felt very comfortable with Karen. Even sharing personal and private information came with ease. I believe that this stems from her amazing abilities to  ]connect with the person she is working with and her very open and welcoming personality and office space. Each visit, I experienced amazing breakthroughs and had wonderful success. After six visits, I no longer experience the fears and anxieties that have plagued me for so long. It has been a truly amazing experience!" - Heather C

"Karen Prosen has a true gift for connecting with people.  She brings a highly insightful spirit, intelligence, and compassion to her work. Right from the first session, I was able to connect with Karen and her process better than I expected particularly since I had a little skepticism. Karen explained the process clearly and made me feel very safe, supported, and comfortable.  I had a completely unexpected break-through in my very first session - blew my mind! I also think Karen is the closest thing to an angel!" - Jane A




"It always feels so welcoming to come to these retreats. I really appreciate that there isn't any pressure to be a certain way. That showing up in the way you would like is okay". - Angelica Robles

"The Vessel retreat awoke something inside of me and shifted my path. It opened my eyes to the possibility of a life that hadn't yet dare to dream of because it was so fearfully beautiful and fulfilling. My time spent on Oz Farm was bliss. Simply walking over the little bridge to the geodesic domes holds a place in my heart, let alone staying in the gorgeous domes themselves. Eating off the land, laying in field, showering beside and swimming in the river... Oz Farm is a place of magic.  I felt incredibly safe and supported by all participants of the Vessel retreat, as well as nurtured by its leaders. Karen was a kind and loving guide and inspiration whose compassion and passion radiated completely. the experience of sitting together every night by candle light in unity as a family warmed my soul. Having special little moments at any given moment with a group member is part of what made Vessel such a sacred space of love. the Solstice Ceremony was an experience like nothing I have every experience. I felt connected to myself and others in a way that I never have before." -Marina Edwards

"I loved the calmness, warmth, serenity and focus that Karen and Meredith provided during their session. I loved the venue, it could not have been a better place!" - Andrew C.

"The spring retreat was powerful and made me realize that I've been living out of touch with my body at a time when I really need to be reconnecting. I knew I had been led to go. It was the most relaxed I've felt in a long time, maybe years. The past couple of days since the retreat I've found that I've carried the sense of calm with me. It's allowed me to tap back into a part of myself that I had buried for so long. The retreat reminded me how important it is to fully take breaks sometimes so that I CAN be more present and of actual service when it's time to work. Thank you for creating a space that allowed me to reconnect to parts of myself that I had left behind years ago. It was so amazing to feel a full-circle connection to my true nature. After that day, I came away with a whole new perspective on what things I wanted to give my energy to, and what was sucking energy from me.  I have felt, ever since, so much more balanced and relaxed. That day at the retreat was the first time I felt like I truly let go of struggling." ~ Rachel Wilber, Esq. Wilber Law Offices wilberlawoffices.com Santa Rosa, CA

"The inspiration and growth I felt after my exposure to so many new things. I felt energized in a wonderful way. I really enjoyed the experience. I felt it was wonderfully thought out, lead and had a beautiful sun ray culmination. I left there feeling happy, full of community and well rested". - Gwyndolyn Fawn Starling.

"On retreat with Karen I felt very provided for. She was an excellent communicator, feeling as though I could allow my energy to expand, while gently being reminded of the needs to be met. Karen helped me step into who I am, as a vessel, as a vehicle for spirit to enter. The day of silence was very powerful. Connecting with a slower and more familiar pace to life." - Daniel B

"Karen is an attentive facilitator paying attention to detail and she is sensitive/attentive to the overall energy of the group as well as the individuals which is hard to do. I appreciated how she addressed creating a safe space from the moment we met as a group. I am inspired by her dedication to her practice and talent for bringing together the right people for a unique experience." - Sharmila S

"Karen is wise beyond her years. How is it that's she's only 28?!? She is nurturing, wise, calm, well-prepared and I enjoy the way she creates rituals with the group." - Alia S

"As with all my time before and during the retreat, I feel completely supported by Karen in our work together and am inspired by her courage, honesty, and warmth. I trust Karen completely." - Andrew C

"Karen made herself open, soothing, approachable and was very sweet.  She shared with us things about her life that made me feel I could do the same. Her honesty is such a great way to hold space at a retreat, and I aspire to be this way when and if I may hold my own." - Alyssa P