a FREE collection of INTERVIEWS with Women bringing heaven to earth through activism, art and enterprise.

I want to introduce you to women in conversation with their spirits. 

Women paving the way for the new world being birthed now. 

Allow them to open your heart, inspire you, and cut through your fears.

But most of all, know that you are one of them.


Kaia Ra

and The Multifaceted Pathway of Divine Feminine Leadership


Katie Burke

and The Power and Purity of your Sexual Energy


Meredith Rom

and The Journey to 'Just Be' : Birthing a Book


Taffan Ako Sharif 

and the Transformation of Trauma


Erin Rivera Merriman

and The Sacred Obstacles on The Journey Home

Erin's podcast The Starseed Survival Guide

Erin's Initiatory Apprenticeship: The Medicine Mandala


Erica Jago

and your Creative Calling

Support Erica's new book ANGELUS


Lyla June Johnston

and the Call of the Creator

Lyla's website

Lyla's music video - All Nations Rise



Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi

and the Return to She


Achintya Devi

and the Dark Power of the Moon


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Bestselling author of The Sophia Code® 

Kaia Ra®  is a ceremonialist and oracular activist, and a living transmitter for a council of diverse ascended masters, The Sophia Dragon Tribe® ©

Achintya Devi

Founder of Goddess Rising Sisterhood

Goddess Rising is her heart's offering to women around the world, dedicated to activating and empowering the Wild Sacred Feminine Wisdom within. She hosts retreats + trainings virtually + in Hawaii. 



Singer of "All Nations Rise"

A descendent of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages, Lyla June is a musician and an inspiring activist of peace between all nations.

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Leadership Coach, Author + Yoga Instructor

Meredith is the Founder of the Rising Women Leaders Podcast + a recently published author of her memoir about her search for self-love in India, available this Fall! She teaches yoga + leads retreats in N. Cali + in Bali. 

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Author of ANGELUS + The Art of Attention

Erica is a yoga instructor and designer bringing spirituality and creativity to international platforms through retreats, inspired teaching and connection to the creative within.  


African Jazz Priestess + Trans Performer

An activist, healer + artist of many varieties. She has authored 8 books, and is the first Trans WOC to publish fiction in the DC area! 



Founder of Active Culture Family

Erin Rivera Merriman is an Esoteric Women's Health Practitioner, priestess, artist + teacher of the metaphysical arts. She is a force of nature and a bringer of medicine to her community.