Group Mentorship for Blooming Feminine Leaders


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You’re INVITED TO AN intimate, VIRTUAL, sisterhood of
HEALING, Remembrance, AND Activation

Monthly Gatherings + Private Sessions | Supported Daily Spiritual Practice

Embodied Leadership and Transformation | Prosperity + Breakthroughs | Collective Liberation

Bloom into what your soul is ready to do

as a spiritual entrepreneur in service to love.

Space is limited for intimacy*

Do you have a deeper calling?

but feel STUCK OR HEAVY WITH fear, self doubt, or ISOLATION?


Are you ready to feel free, abundant, and unapologetic in your embodied gifts?

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You have gifts and a lifestyle that are ready to seed and bloom.

You’re ready to put aside the question of whether you’re good enough.

You crave the sacred witnessing, accountability, and support
to take confident steps inward and forward.

You know that when womxn gather, magic happens,

and the shackles of conditioning fall away.

You know you’re a part of the solution, and that it begins now.

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By the end of this program…

You will be empty of the trauma, fears and doubts that keep you from answering the next calls of Spirit

You will have a foundation of unshakeable strength, self-love, and confidence to trust your womb and heart to guide your life

You will maintain a daily embodiment and ritual self-care practice to create flow, spaciousness, joy and connection to God | dess

You will experience more freedom, prosperity, and pleasure in your life by further coming home to yourself as a feminine leader


Break free from the past,
and bloom into blessings beyond your understanding

Release and replace stories, people, and circumstances
holding you back from expansion and success

Create new realities by taking consistent, courageous action
while remaining connected to Spirit and self love

Embody your gifts and ground them into the world by
offering yourself as a vessel for God to work through

Earn money that is abundant and aligned with your soul

Learn to fully trust the wisdom that your soul has gifted you,
and step deeper into your sacred calling

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I know the pain and agony of forgetting.
Of giving your power away and breaking your own boundaries.

I know what it’s like to lose yourself to a patriarchal world
when you know in your bones you are meant to thrive and prosper.

I know the pain of not listening to your womb and your inner guidance,
and staying hidden in your passions and purpose.

I know you’re ready to let it all go.

Step into the cathedral within your Womb.

All is waiting within.

I can’t wait to meet the woman you are now,
and the woman you will be on the other side.

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Create an Unshakeable Communion Within


Reclaim your womb as your Oracle and doorway to the mystery within you. Learn how to align your life with deeper peace, prosperity and personal power that heals you first, and makes it easier to step up and be seen.

No one should have to do this work alone, Beloved.

Surrender into this small group sisterhood to shed the layers of shame, trauma, and blockages.

This program is for you if you want to:

+ Connect with a devoted community

+ Mentor with your womb + Divine Mother

+ Decolonize your body + spirit

+ Receive accountability and support

+ Participate in powerful ceremonies

+ Awaken latent energies within you

+ Be liberated from the past

+ Take courageous action in all areas of life

+ Be more receptive to prosperity + pleasure

+ Reclaim your infinite power and potential

+ Step deeper into entrepreneurship

+ Align your life with the will of Spirit

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This Program is Not for You if You…

+ Don’t believe you are worthy of sharing your gifts or living an abundant, generous life

+ Have not addressed any of your trauma or past conditioning

+ Are unclear about the life you’re meant to be living, or have no vision for yourself

+ Are not open to direct feedback about where you’re holding yourself back

+ Don’t value embodiment and vulnerability as the first steps of authentic connection, leadership, and business

+ Are not willing to do the inner work that make my experience/skills/knowledge useful

+ Are looking strictly for business strategy-although it can come through in private sessions

+ Are not in a place to invest in your awakening, transformation, and success

+ Aren’t willing to engage in all aspects required of the program

Love Note: This is not your average group program. It is a powerful embodiment and initiatory leadership odyssey guided by your Higher Self, your womb, and the womb of All Life. You are invited to ask your body for clarity about whether this is in alignment for you.

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You’ll Receive All of This Love

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6 Monthly 2-Hour Group Mentorship Calls

{ We create time for transmissions, deep sharing, live body-based healing support, Q & A }

Value | $1200

Six 1-Hour Private Sessions

{ Monthly calls with me to journey deeply with individual work. I weave body-based healing, ceremony, and sacred strategy in lifestyle and business/leadership. }

Value | $2250

Five 1-Hour Guest Mentor Transmissions

{ Additional live video calls to receive deeply from special wisdom keepers }

Value | $1000

Ongoing Morning/Evening Practice Suggestions via Video

{ I share a collection of exercises and rituals to deepen your embodiment
and transform your life for the better. }

Value | $400

Communion of the Black Womb MP3 Meditation

{ A powerful, required inner journey into the empty, primordial void of potential.
Chosen to support your communion with the Source within you. }

Value | $44

Inner Anointing MP3 Meditation

{ A transformational blessing of your body as a Vessel for all things Holy.
Chosen to clear your energy and activate dormant personal power.

Value | $44

Private Facebook Forum

{ A safe space for 24 hour connection in sacred sisterhood.
Created to support you with continued accountability. }

Value | Priceless!

Accountability Sister

{ After getting to know you, I will pair you with a sister to deepen in connection and enhance your journey together. Life long friendships are made and
I love to match womxn who live near eachother! }

Value | Priceless!

Overflow Gifts

WAVES: Women as Vessels Water Ceremony Initiation MP3 Series

{ 5 powerful baptism meditations to deepen your embodiment and awakening }

Value | $222

Awakening the Pelvic Floor MP3 Series

{ 4 recorded tracks to clear trauma, ground, and heal your reproductive space }

Value | $188

A library of curated resources

{ Several of my favorite meditations, webinars, and transmissions to nurture your journey }

Value | $300

A special painting for your altar, specific to our sisterhood

{ Hand-painted in love and prayer }

Value | $100

Total Value | Over $6000

Your Investment | Less than half!

Schedule a call to learn more about the discounted investment

with monthly payment plan options!

I’m Honored to Guide You

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I am a transformational guide, womxn’s witness and Mentor of leadership, love and liberation.

I integrate many paths into my offerings, such as Pre-Christian Gnosis, Bhakti yoga, feminist theory, and much more.

Trained as a Clinical Mental Health Therapist with emphasis on social justice, mindfulness and trauma healing, I am forever a student at heart.

I support blooming feminine leaders to treat their bodies as temples, become living vessels and walk on the pilgrimage of life lighter, more joyful and more prosperous than ever.

I believe that through surrendering your will to the divine there is hope for you in the Great surrendering, and that you should ever have to do it alone.

Your Guest Mentors

Jedaya Barboza

shares on Divine Feminine Womb Healing,
The Sovereign Rose Empress, and embodied, devotional leadership


Yin Ling.png

Yin Ling Ng

shares on the voice of the womb, urban leadership, and awakening the inner chambers of the heart



shares about The Dark Goddess, the power of the cervix on the path of transformation, and tending to our female ancestral roots




shares on transformation through menstruation, Mary Magdalene’s mentorship with the modern woman, and earth based devotional leadership

@magdalene.rising @whereseedmeetssoil

Nadine Lee.png


shares on the Masculine & Feminine qualities of leadership, and sourcing power from the womb for greater prosperity and pleasure


A Co-Created Container

We gather monthly all together via Zoom on the 22nd of the month for (2) hours of ritual, connection, transmissions, and live mentoring.

We gather at 5 PM PST when our calls fall on weekdays and 10 AM PST when our calls fall on Sundays.

Your monthly private session is scheduled as you desire!

The schedule for guest mentor transmissions will be announced month by month.

All meetings are recorded for lifetime access.

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Sacred Agreements

In joining this program, with a full body yes, you agree to:

+ Maintain complete confidentiality and participation of safety through loving presence

+ Listen to the Communion of the Black Womb Meditation or Inner Anointing Recording Weekly

+ Be present to every Live ceremony call to the best of your ability

+ Marry devotion and discipline to complete 22 days of personal embodiment practice per month

+ Receive additional professional support in your life, where needed

+ Be on time to each group + private session

+ Have faith in what drew you to this collective field of transformation, and have courage to answer the calls your receive from within

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What Recent Clients are Sharing

I’m eternally grateful for this angelic woman and the blessing of working with her. In our sessions I felt so deeply seen and encouraged. I received SO much clarity and inspiration on projects that I had been nervously holding back on. With otherworldly intuition she masterfully brought forth my ability to finally move forward with my work.

—Gillian Neill

Testimonial Gillian.jpg

I wish to share how grateful I am for my sessions with Karen. I am so happy I made the decision to work with her! Her space-holding is masterful, and what I especially appreciate about it is the pace - she really takes the time. It's so still and sacred and peaceful, hence deep and impactful. I worked through some "heavy weights" and now feel so liberated in my embodied spiritual leadership.

Violetta Pleshakova

Karen is an abiding witness and devotee to our healing and liberation. The way she creates and holds space for her clients to process trauma, access intuition, and receive their own revelations is unlike any I’ve experienced. Each session with Karen felt like ceremony - a deeply sacred space where all parts of me could be seen and expressed. I remember when we first connected Karen said, “There is nothing you could ever bring to this relationship that would scare me or make me judge you.” Her presence creates space for miracles.

Kelly Behrend

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The next petals of your life are
ever-ready to unfurl.

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What do they need from you?

When will you give it?